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UN General Assembly Resolutions: Resolution 303(IV)

(December 9, 1949)

In spite of the vehement opposition of Israel and Jordan, the General Assembly restated its aim that Jerusalem be placed under a permanent international regime, and the Trusteeship Council was called upon to prepare a Statute for the city. The Resolution was adopted by 38 votes in favour, 14 against, 7 abstentions, Most of the Catholic, Moslem and Communist States voted for, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Guatemala, Iceland, Israel, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Yugoslavia voted against. Chile, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama and Thailand abstained.

The General Assembly,

Having regard to its resolutions 181(II) of 29 November 1947 and 194(III) of 11 December 1948,

Having studied the reports of the United Nations Conciliation Commission for Palestine set up under the latter resolution,

I. Decides in relation to Jerusalem,

Believing that the principles underlying its previous resolutions concerning this matter, and in particular its resolution of 29 November 1947, represent a just and equitable settlement of the question,

1. To restate, therefore, its intention that Jerusalem should be placed under a permanent international regime, which should envisage appropriate guarantees for the protection of the Holy Places, both within and outside Jerusalem, and to confirm specifically the following provisions of General Assembly resolution 181(III):

(1) The City of Jerusalem shall be established as a corpus separatum under a special international regime and shall be administered by the United Nations;

(2) The Trusteeship Council shall be designated to discharge the responsibilities of the Administering Authority... and

(3) The City of Jerusalem shall include the present municipality of Jerusalem plus the surrounding villages and towns, the most eastern of which shall be Abu Dis; the most southern Bethlehem; the most western, Ein Karim (including also the built-up area of Motsa); and the most northern, Shu'fat, as indicated on the attached sketchmap (annex B).

2. To request for this purpose that the Trusteeship Council at its next session, whether special or regular, complete the preparation of the Statute of Jerusalem (T/118/Rev. 2), omitting the now inapplicable provisions, such as articles 32 and 39, and, without prejudice to the fundamental principles of the international regime for Jerusalem set forth in General Assembly resolution 181(II) introducing therein amendments in the direction of its greater democratisation, approve the Statute, and proceed immediately with its implementation. The Trusteeship Council shall not allow any actions taken by any interested Government or Governments to divert it from adopting and implementing the Statute of Jerusalem;

II. Calls upon the States concerned to make formal undertakings, at an early date and in the light of their obligations as Members of the United Nations, that they will approach these matters with good will, and be guided by the terms of the present resolutions.

Sources: The United Nations