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Time Magazine Reveals Nazi Attitude Toward Jews

(July 10, 1933)

The cover of Time on July 10, 1933, featured a photo of Germany’s Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels. Beneath his photo is the quotation: “Say it in your dreams: ‘THE JEWS ARE TO BLAME.’” The accompanying article described the attitudes of Gerrmans toward Jews:

True Germans were not defeated in the War, so runs the Nazi tale for grown-up children. They were betrayed by Jewish pacifists. Marx was a Jew! In the welter of German revolution the Jews fomented a German Republic essentially Marxist. Under inflation “which only the Jews understood,” they bled true Germans white by their scheming speculation. Somehow or other they had something to do with the mountain of debt the Allies piled on Germany. All these “facts” are profoundly important in the Germany of today. They are at the root of national resurgence. By blaming everything on their Jewish fellow men, other Germans are escaping from their mental prison of inferiority. Louder and louder the Minister of Propaganda dins with clenched and pounding fists the exhortation he has thundered from half the platforms and over all the radios in Germany: “Never forget it, comrades, and repeat it a hundred times so you will say it in your dreams—”THE JEWS ARE TO BLAME!”

Source: Quoted in Lily Rothman, “It’s Not That the Story Was Buried.’ What Americans in the 1930s Really Knew About What Was Happening in Germany,” Time, (July 10, 2018).