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Labor Party: Party Platform


Labor Party vision outlined by party chairman Avi Gabbay:

1. A state that protects us

Our security, at home and abroad, is the cornerstone of our existence here. Security must not be only a guarantee of elections or a source of political confrontation. Security is an existential basis that connects the needs of all Israelis. Our security requires us to be the strongest power in the Middle East, and to maintain our military and security advantage at all times. But our security is also our political and international horizon. Our partnership with the countries of the world and our future with our neighbors in the Middle East. Security is also our social strength, the mutual responsibility between us, and the ability to maintain cohesion, both in times of national and routine times. We need to draw our confidence, to remember our strength and to believe in our strength, and not to rely on threats and intimidation as a basis for building the security doctrine.

We believe in a policy of striving for a political agreement alongside security aggression. The decision not to decide is not a viable state option. By taking the initiative, building confidence, reciprocity, and gradualism, we must try to reach a framework for ending the conflict while maintaining tight security interests of the State of Israel.

I commit

To maintain Israel’s strength as the strongest power in the Middle East and to insist on its right to exercise its power in order to safeguard its interests as needed.

To continue to strengthen and develop the IDF, its commanders and soldiers, and to promote the granting of benefits and incentives to military, national service and civilian service personnel.

To strive with genuine intent for a political agreement and to separate from the Palestinians on the basis of the principle of two states for two peoples. With a realistic and realistic view of reality and through measured measures that preserve security.

To strengthen Israel’s geopolitical status in the Middle East, based on curbing the Iranian threat in all its forms, and strengthening ties with the moderate Arab states.

To take practical steps to encourage the Palestinian economy as part of the building of trust between the parties.

To separate the major settlement blocs from the other settlements and outposts, to work to develop the agreed settlement blocs and to stop the investment and funding for isolated settlements and outposts.

To rehabilitate Israel’s foreign service and to create effective Israeli diplomacy around the world, to strengthen our international standing and develop friendly relations with the countries of the world. A friendship that is not dependent on one government or another, but a true covenant among nations.

To improve the relationship with Diaspora Jews, especially in the United States, and to restore to Israel the cross-party support that strengthens our security.

2. A country that provides us with economic security

The State of Israel is a country with a strong and prosperous economy - but few enjoy and feel the fruits of prosperity. A good country is a country whose strong economy seeps down and reaches citizens, a country that builds a system of excellent social services that provide everyone - young people, pensioners, working families and the weakest in society - economic protection and security networks. Almost the entire Israeli public is exposed to fears that their lives will deteriorate in a single moment from a state of economic security to a situation of difficulty and survival. The state must play a central role in ensuring all its citizens the opportunity to stand on their feet, and in case of failure to get a chance to return to success. We must focus our protection networks on critical and vital points in the life cycle, and develop the best public and state services.

We used to be a poor country with citizens who did not feel a shortage. Today we are a rich country with citizens who barely survive economically. The time has come for the State of Israel to return to worry its citizens first and foremost.

I commit

To ensure the health of the general public by building an excellent public health system and by reducing private medicine.

To make a comprehensive change in the welfare and social security systems, health and public housing that are adapted to the trends of longevity.

To implement the State Nursing Law once and for all and to guarantee it to every citizen.

Strengthen school principals, teachers and teaching staff, and empower them with the tools and tools suited to the information age.

To make a revolution in professional training in Israel and to ensure that every citizen has real professional training that suits the professions required in the 21st century.

To immediately amend the structure of the allowances and to increase them in a manner that ensures dignified existence for the elderly and the disabled.

To rehabilitate public housing in Israel and to reach a state of zero waiting in line for those eligible.

To eliminate the phenomenon of contractor workers, with an emphasis on the public sector, canceling the status of the contractor’s teachers, and the improper employment model called shoulder to shoulder.

To strengthen agriculture and farmers, and to strengthen agriculture as a national and Zionist value

3. A country that works for us

The State of Israel has all the resources to succeed. It has wonderful people, talented and creative, it has tremendous knowledge, it has courage and courage, and it also has money - a lot of money. But the current government does not properly manage these wonderful resources. Instead of translating them into an effective and functioning public system, a system that works for the citizens and produces the best services for them, the current leadership is at best preoccupied with constant political fighting and spins, spins and stories, and at worst worrying about groups of close associates and extortionists ... A good state is first of all a state where leaders rise every morning and ask themselves how to take care of the general public - what are the main problems and hardships of citizens and how they can be solved.

A good leader has two main tasks. The first is to appoint good people under him. And the second is responsibility for creating a culture of government that sees the public. A government under our leadership will create a management revolution and lead a process of changing the Israeli culture of government.

I commit

Fully implement our plan to combat corruption, which includes the abolition of all laws of corruption of the current government and the enactment of the Basic Law on Public Service.

To legislate a law for the appointment of a prime minister for two terms only, in order to ensure governmental renewal and the prevention of corruption and corruption.

To cancel the phenomenon of political appointments and to commit to appointing the best people to senior positions in the civil service.

Strengthen the tools and effectiveness of the legal and enforcement systems, and instill values ​​of transparency and accountability in the public systems.

Fight a war against the bureaucracy that harasses citizens and businesses, and stop once and for all the public’s need to pursue the system to get service.

To revolutionize the provision of services to citizens in all public institutions and to adapt them to the 21st century, while assimilating a culture of advanced service, using innovative technological tools and digitization.

4. A country that belongs to everyone

This country belongs to all of us: the people of the center and the people of the periphery, the religious and the secular, the leftists and the Yemenites, the Jews, the Druze and Arabs, the young people, the pensioners, the new immigrants. But even though this country is ours together, the current government is working hard to convince us to hate each other. The split politics of Netanyahu’s governments have penetrated deep into Israeli society and created a real crisis. The delicate stitches that connect all parts of this company must be reconnected. In order to get there we have to go through what connects us, through the unifying and the unifying - through respect, reciprocity and through statehood. That a good state is a state that is united, uniting, cohesive, and respectful. A country that belongs to everyone. True leadership works only for the benefit of the state and its citizens, and does not force them into political survival. True leadership sees and works for all citizens of the country, not only for those who have chosen it

I commit

To stop the discourse of political incitement and incitement and to instill a governmental culture of government that sees all Israeli citizens equal.

To initiate and implement a national plan for reconciliation between groups and sectors in Israeli society. To encourage and encourage social and educational programs that work for bridging and bridging parts of Israeli society, creating cohesion and familiarity between the different sectors.

To maintain the status and power of the judicial system, to enforce the law and to criticize and to protect the independence and freedom of the media and civil society organizations.

To enable local communities to influence their way of life, including through the use of public transportation on the Sabbath and the opening of trade on the Sabbath.

To implement a national plan for socio-economic treatment in Arab society, which focuses on housing solutions, personal security and education.

5. A country that cares for its young people

Our young people are not just our children and grandchildren. They are our future, the future of the state and the future of our existence as a prosperous society. But after years in which we knew how to create a continuum of growth and prosperity between generations - this sequence got stuck and left them behind. Our young people are wonderful. They are creative, intelligent, caring and eager to take part in the construction of the future - here in their home, in the State of Israel. But when housing, housing, education, and health are so burdensome when life is full of security and economic uncertainty, they may lose hope and find another place to build their home and future. We cannot let that happen. As someone who understands deeply the difficulties and fears of our young people, I pledge to work for them, for all of us.

I commit

To build 300,000 housing units under government construction to enable every young family to start buying an apartment at a reasonable price.

To deal with root causes of living costs in Israel and to dismantle the method that makes life dear to young people and families.

To finally apply the State’s responsibility for early childhood and to ensure free education from the age of 0, in order to minimize the inequality in the system.

To invest unprecedented investment in promoting public transportation in order to provide an economic engine for the Israeli economy, to reduce social gaps and to stop the catastrophe of traffic jams.

Invest in renewable energy systems, develop natural gas and clean green solutions, and choose the public interest over that of giant corporations and monopolies.

Source: Labor Party.