KADIMAH (Heb. קָדִימָה; "Forward"), semi-urban settlement in central Israel. Kadimah was founded as a moshav in 1933. It was initially based almost exclusively on citrus groves, but suffered from the citrus crisis during World War II. After 1948 an immigrant camp (ma'barah) was established there and replaced later by permanent housing. In 1950 it received municipal council status. In 1969 Kadimah had 3,920 inhabitants, jumping to 9,130 in 2002 with an annual growth rate of 4.6%. Its municipal area, extending over 5 sq. mi. (13 sq. km.), included Ilanot ("Trees"), the national forest tree research station affiliated to the Agricultural Research Institute of Reḥovot. In 2003 Kadimah was united with the nearby settlement of *Zoran, and the two became known as Kadimah-Zoran.

[Efram Orni /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]

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