Final Borders of Israel & Palestine?

The following map is based on the prospective final settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute in which Israel's border would move to the 1967 border with modifications that would take in approximately 70-80% of the Jewish settlers. The new border, roughly along the line the current security fence is being constructed, would run close to the Green Line for most of the border except where it is necessary to enclose the six largest settlements in the West Bank. Even with those bulges, the new border of Israel would require the annexation of only about 5% of the West Bank. In past negotiations, Israel has expressed a willingness to compensate for any such annexation by giving territory elsewhere to the Palestinian state. If Israel were to withdraw to the borders suggested below, the Palestinian state would look much like the Clinton plan envisioned.



Source: Reprinted with permission of David Makovsky. Map developed by Makovsky and Eran Benedek, Foreign Policy, (September/October 2003)