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Chapter 17: The Nuclear Issue

- "Israel's refusal to sign the NPT allows it to threaten its neighbors."
- "Iran has no ambition to become a nuclear power."
- "Israel has nothing to fear from a nuclear Iran."
- "Iran's nuclear program threatens only Israel."
- "Iran has signed an agreement that will prevent it from building a nuclear bomb."
- "Negotiators achieved the best deal possible with Iran."
- "Iran's breakout time for building a weapon is now one year instead of three months."
- "The only alternative to the nuclear deal was war."
- "Military force could not have stopped Iran's nuclear program."
- "Iran does not believe it can win a nuclear war."
- "Iran should be allowed a nuclear weapon since Israel has one."
- "The United States did not go to war against Iran."
- "Iran will be prevented from building a bomb by an “unprecedented” verification regime."
- "If Iran cheats, sanctions can easily be reimposed."
- "The Iran deal eliminates the danger of nuclear proliferation."
- "The agreement put an end to Iran's ballistic missile research."
- "Iran's attitude toward the United States and Israel has moderated."
- "Iran is an ally in the fight against ISIS."
- "Unfrozen assets will aid the Iranian economy but not its hostile activities."

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