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From Haven to Home:
Harby Letter to Monroe Protesting Removal of Noah As Tunis Consul

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Isaac Harby of Charleston protested the removal of Mordecai Manuel Noah from his post as consul to Tunis because he was a Jew, arguing in a letter to Secretary of State James Monroe, Harby writes: "It is upon the principle, not of toleration . . . but upon the principle of equal inalienable, constitutional Rights, that we see Jews appointed to offices, that we see them elected in our State Representation, & that, in proportion as their talents and their influence can bear them through, we see their mingling in the honours of their country. They are by no means to be considered a Religious sect, tolerated by the government; they constituted a portion of the people."

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Isaac Harby (1788-1828) to James Monroe (1758-1831).
Manuscript letter, May 13, 1816.
National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.

Sources: Library of Congress

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