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HIJAR (Ixar), small town in Aragon, E. Spain. There is no record of an organized Jewish community in Híjar, though the activity of Jewish printers there points to at least a small number of resident Jewish families (cf. Isaac b. Sheshet's responsum no. 435). Eliezer b. Abraham Alantansi, a scholar, businessman, and physician, of Murcia, in partnership with Solomon Zalmati of Jativa, set up a press at Híjar and produced Jacob b. Asher's Arba'ah Turim (1485–87); the Latter Prophets (1486–87); the Pentateuch with Onkelos and Rashi (1490); and the Pentateuch with haftarot and Five Scrolls (1487–88). Possibly other books were printed by this press but have been lost. Abraham b. Isaac b. David was employed as corrector.

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