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U.S.-Israel Relations:
Formal Agreements

(1950 - Present)

U.S.-Israel Relations: Table of Contents | Economic Cooperation | Strategic Collaboration

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Index of Agreements:


December 10, 2008 Agreement concerning certain aspects of trade in agricultural products
August 25, 1998 Environmental Security Initiative in the Middle East
October 25, 1977 Establish the United States-Israel Agricultural Research and Development Fund (BARD)
December 22, 1964 Agreement for 24 agricultural commodities
March 21, 1963 Provide agricultural commodities for the improvement/expansion of school feeding programs in Israel
December 6, 1962 Commodities agreement through Memorandum of Understanding (Amended: 1963,1964 and 1965)
May 3, 1962 Commodities agreement through Memorandum of Understanding


February 22, 2000 Energy Cooperation
March 15, 1999 Cooperating in Anti-Trust activities and enforcing Anti-Trust legislation and competition laws
February 13, 1996 Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the enforcement of securities laws
December 30, 1994 Convention with respect to taxes on income
September 12, 1994 Agreement on encouragement of investment
August 19, 1985 Agreement on the establishment of a free trade area
October 17, 1980 Contingency implementing arrangements for 1979 MOA concerning oil supply arrangement
May 30, 1980 Protocol amending the convention with respect to taxes on income
June 22, 1979 Memorandum of Agreement concerning an oil supply arrangement, with related understanding
March 26, 1979 Memorandum of Arrangement concerning an oil supply arrangement
November 20, 1975 Convention for the advoidance of double taxation with respect to taxes on income
May 13, 1975 Statement of Joint Committee for Investment & Trade on expansion of economic cooperation
July 26, 1965 Agreement on purchase of goods from Israel for sale in U.S. Navy ships’ stores overseas
July 20, 1965 Agreement relating to general procurement arrangements for goods and services.
November 25, 1953 Agreement relating to special economic assistance
August 8, 1952 Agreement on industrial investment guaranty program of 1948 Economic Cooperation Act
June 9, 1952 Informational media guaranty program pursuant to 1948 Economic Cooperation Act
May 9, 1952 Agreement relating to economic assistance
May 1, 1952 Agreement relating to emergency economic assistance
December 7, 1951 Agreement relating to assurances & assistance as authorized in 1951 Mutual Security Act


November 15, 1978 Memorandum of Understanding to enhance and expand cooperative efforts in education
June 18, 1962 Agreement for Financing Certain Educational Programs


August 23, 1951 Treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation, with protocol and exchange of notes



May 6, 1985 Agreement for cooperation in the field of health. Amended and extended January 7, 1990



October 31, 1998 Memorandum of agreement concerning ballistic missile threats
October 1, 1982 Agreement on privileges/immunities for U.S. military members on leave in Israel
March 26, 1979 Agreement relating to the implementation of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty
March 26, 1979 Agreement relating to assurances concerning Middle East peace
February 27, 1976 Agreement concerning the United States role at any future Geneva peace conference
February 27, 1976 Agreement on assurances, consultations and United States policy on matters related to peace



May 4, 1950 Agreement relating to reciprocal copyright relations
February 19, 1950 Agreement relating to the exchange of official publications


Science & Technology

October 15, 2012 Telecommunications trade pact
March 31, 2008 Agreement for the exchange of information & cooperation in nuclear safety and research matters
December 14, 2007 Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007
November 7, 2005 Agreement Concerning Energy Cooperation
September 9, 2004 Agreement for Science & Technical Cooperation
February 22, 2000 Agreement Concerning Energy Cooperation
October 29, 1999 MOU Between Israel Biotechnology Organization & California Commission on Bioscience
October 2, 1996 Agreement for cooperation in the peaceful use of space
February 1, 1996 Agreement concerning energy cooperation
March 24, 1995 Agreement for cooperation in the GLOBE Program
January 18, 1994 Memorandum of Understanding on U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Commission
June 26, 1991 Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in scientific exchanges and workshops
February 20, 1991 Memorandum of Understanding concerning cooperation in the field of environmental protection
September 30, 1990 Memorandum of cooperation for the technical field of aviation security
June 11, 1990 Agreement extending cooperation in energy research and development
February 8, 1990 Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of water resources development
September 8, 1989 Memorandum of Understanding on transfers of materials, supplies and equipment for cooperative research and development programs
June 5, 1989 Memorandum of Understanding covering marine and freshwater scientific and technical cooperation
July 11, 1988 Agreement for the exchange of technical information and cooperation in nuclear safety matters
February 17, 1988 Agreement for the establishment and operation of a radio relay station in Israel. (Terminated November 3, 1994)
November 5, 1987 Memorandum of Understanding concerning the operation of the INTELPOST service, with details of implementation
June 18, 1987 Agreement for the operation of a radio relay station in Israel
May 27, 1987 Agreement in basic energy sciences
October 14, 1986 Agreement to exchange technical and scientific information regarding space research (extended October 1989)
February 1985 Memorandum of Understanding with NASA for joint research projects in the area of satellite-ground station laser ranging
May 1, 1985 Memorandum of Understanding concerning the installation, operation and maintenance of a seismic station
June 3, 1984 Agreement on cooperation in energy research and development
April 11, 1983 Agreement for the exchange of technical information and cooperation in nuclear safety matters
January 27, 1983 Memorandum of Agreement relating to technical assistance in developing and improving air traffic operation in the Ben-Gurion Airport
January 24, 1983 International express mail agreement with detailed regulations
August 16, 1978 Protocol Relating to the Israel-United States Air Transport Agreement of 1950
April 8, 1977 Agreement continuing in effect safeguards and guarantee provisions of the agreement of July 12, 1955 (as amended), for cooperation concerning civil uses of atomic energy
March 3, 1976 Agreement establishing the Israel-United States Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD)
September 27, 1972 Agreement on the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF)
July 23, 1968 Agreement relating to the reciprocal acceptance of certificates of airworthiness for imported aircraft
May 22, 1968 Agreement relating to a cooperative meteorological program in support of the Rawisonde observation station at Bet Dagan
June 15, 1966 Agreement relating to the reciprocal granting of authorizations to permit licensed amateur radio operators of either country to operate their stations in the other country
August 6, 1965 Agreement relating to radio communications between amateur stations on behalf of third parties
May 21, 1963 Agreement relating to radio communication facilities at or near Embassy sites for transmission of official messages
December 19, 1960 Agreement providing for a grant to assist in the acquisition of certain nuclear research and training equipment and materials
February 26, 1951 General agreement for technical cooperation (amended June 21, 1954)
June 13, 1950 Air transport agreement


Security & Defense

November 24, 2010 Memorandum of cooperation relating to technical assistance in developing and modernizing Israel's civil aviation security infrastructure
September 10, 2009 Agreement amending the agreement of March 31, 2001 for the arrow system improvement program (ASIP)
January 16, 2009 Memorandum of Understanding Between The United States and Israel Regarding Prevention of the Supply of Arms and Related Materiel to Terrorist Groups
May 29, 2008 Agreement on cooperation in science and technology for homeland security matters, with annex
February 8, 2007 Memorandum of Mutual Understanding on Homeland Security
February 10, 1998 Acquisition and cross-servicing agreement with annexes.
January 28, 1998 Treaty on mutual assistance in criminal matters.
September 3, 1996 Agreement for technology research and development projects.
April 30, 1996 Counterterrorism cooperation accord
July 18, 1996 Memorandum of Agreement concerning the tactical high energy laser (THEL) advanced concept technology demonstration (ACTD).
April 30, 1996 Counterterrorism cooperation accord to enhance capabilities to deter, prevent, respond to and investigate international terrorist acts or threats of international terrorist acts against Israel or the United States.
November 28, 1991 Agreement on cooperation to combat illicit narcotics trafficking and abuse
October 18, 1991 Memorandum of Understanding for a loan of a multi-sensor integrate system for the purpose of test and evaluation
June 1991 Agreement pertaining to Arrow Continuation Experiments (ACES) the second stage of the joint U.S.-Israel Arrow missile program
January 22, 1991 Agreement on the status of United States personnel
September 8, 1989 MOU regarding transfers of materials, supplies and equipment for cooperative research and development programs
April 1989 Memorandum of Agreement between the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization and Israel’s Defense Ministry to develop a $35 million computer facility as part of the Arrow missile program
May 24, 1988 Agreement relating to mutual defense assistance
April 21, 1988 Agreement regarding payment for tooling costs of accelerated production of M-60A1 tanks
December 14, 1987 Agreement concerning construction of air base facilities
November 29, 1983 Agreement concerning funding of air base facilities
December 10, 1982 General security of information agreement
April 6, 1979 Agreement creating the Joint Political Military Group and Joint Security Assistance Program
April 6, 1979 Memorandum of Agreement concerning the principles governing mutual cooperation in research and development, scientist and engineer exchange, and procurement and logistic support of defense equipment, with annexes and attachment.
October 23, 1975 Memorandum of Agreement regarding joint political, security and economic cooperation.
July 23, 1952 Mutual logistic support agreement

Social Services

June 22, 2000 MOU for Cooperation in the Field of Housing and Community Development
November 6, 1986 Agreement to promote cooperation in the field of labor (renewed March 1992)
January 16, 1984 MOU for cooperation in the fields of social sciences and human development (extension: September 23 and October 28, 1988).


April 18, 2012 Increase Israeli-US cooperation on food security in Africa through the "Feed the Future" Initiative
December 10, 2010 Promote International aviation system based on competition among airlines with minimal government regulations
March 31, 2009 Agreement extending the Protocol of July 11, 2001 relating to and amending the air transport agreement of June 13, 1950
January 10, 2007 Protocol Amending Convention on Extradition of December 10, 1962
August 4, 2002 Agreement regarding the surrender of persons to the International Criminal Court
December 19, 2000 Agreement for the promotion of aviation security
May 16, 1996 Agreement regarding mutual assistance in customs matters.
November 28, 1991 Agreement on Cooperation in the Fight Against Illicit Drugs
January 22, 1991 Agreement on the status of Israeli personnel; agreement on the status of U.S. personnel.
January 9, 1989 Postal money order agreement.
January 18, 1989 Land lease and purchase agreement for construction of diplomatic facilities. (Modified: April 10, 1989, Amended: January 7, 1995)
October 3, 1985 Agreement relating to the employment of dependents of official government employees
October 1, 1982 Agreement relating to privileges and immunities for U.S. military members and civilian observers of the Multinational Force and Observers on leave in Jerusalem
December 17, 1980 Agreement concerning claims arising from damage to the United States ship "Liberty."
December 10, 1962 Convention on Extradition Between Israel and the United States
March 2, 1955 Agreement providing for the reciprocal waiver of nonimmigrant passport visa fees.
June 1, 1951 Agreement relating to the issue of visas to authorized crew members of aircraft operated by air carriers designated by Israel and the United States.

Sources: State Department (Treaty Information Office); Department of Defense; other relevant agencies.

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