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Museums in Jerusalem:
Wolfson Museum

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The Wolfson Museum is named after Sir Isaac and Lady Edith Wolfson. The entire museum is filled with over 5,000 Jewish traditional artifacts. These artifacts represent thousands of years of Jewish history. Items such as rare menorahs, Havdalah sets, candlesticks and Kiddush cups are displayed in small rooms around the museum.

The museum not only shows the history of Jewish traditions, but it also makes the point that Jews still observe these same traditions today. While the museum is almost entirely made up of antique Jewish objects, modern artists also exhibit their own interpretations of Jewish tradition.

The Wolfson Museum is located at 58 King George Street in Jerusalem.
Hours of Admission: Sunday through Thursday, 9am-1pm; Friday, 9am-12pm
Admission is free.
Phone number: 972-2-6247112

Source: Frommer's Israel, 1998

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