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Ha'Tnuah ("The Movement," in Hebrew) is a center-left Zionist Israeli political party. Founded in November 2012 by former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Ha'Tnuah members include many former Kadima and Labor party members dissatisfied with their parties, including Amram Mitzna, Amir Peretz, and Meir Sheetrit.

Livni, a foremost centrist leader in Israeli politics, left Kadima and formed Ha'Tnuah in order to "make Israel a country that embraces liberal and Zionist values."

Tzipi Livni and her Ha'Tnuah party joined forces with Issac Herzog and the Labor party to run on a joint ticket in the March 2015 elections.  The two leaders agreed on a rotation system, should they be victorious, in which Herzog would serve as Prime Minister for the first two years of the term, followed by Livni

Ha'Tnuah's platform is based around making peace with the Palestinians, social justice in Israel, environmental protection, military or national service for all citizens and religious pluralism. The party motto is: "For Israelis who seek a country that embraces harmony and respect as opposed to polarization; a peace process rather than intransigence, and hope rather than despair – Ha'Tnua constitutes a new political development whose time has come."

In Ha'Tnuah's first electoral cycle - the January 2013 elections - the party won just over 5% of the popular vote and was awarded 6 seats in the Knesset, making it the seventh largest political party in Israel.

On February 19, 2013, Livni held a joint press conference with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announcing that Ha'Tnuah would become the first party to join his coalition following the January 2013 elections. Livni was appointed as the incoming Justice Minister and was tapped to lead the Israeli peace negotiating team.

"Two-and-a-half months ago we established Ha'Tnuah with the intention of fighting for a peace deal," Livni said at the press conference. "Iran, Syria, the Palestinians are not less pressing than these domestic issues." Livni added a call for other parties to "set aside their campaigning" and join a wide Netanyahu-led coalition.

Sources: Ha'Tnuah Official Site; Jerusalem Post (February 19, 2013)

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