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Israel Political Parties:
Yisrael B'Aliya

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Yisrael B'Aliya (Israel for immigration) was established in 1996. This moderate right-wing party mainly serves Israel’s immigrant population from the former Soviet Union. Led by Natan Sharansky, the party advocates Zionism, perpetuating the Law of Return and increasing funding for immigrant absorption. Yisrael B'Aliya supports Palestinian autonomy, but not a Palestinian state. In 1996, Yisrael B'Aliya won seven Knesset seats, in 1999, it won six seats, and, in 2000, it won four seats. After what was considered a poor showing in the 2003 election, in which it won only two seats, Sharansky resigned as party leader. The party subsequently merged with the Likud.

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