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Ghettos Photographs:
Lodz Ghetto

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  • Jewish Families On Their Way to the Lodz Ghetto
  • Jewish Families On Their Way to the Lodz Ghetto
  • Jewish children working in the Lodz Ghetto
  • Forced Labor in the Lodz Ghetto
  • People at the market in the Lodz Ghetto selling goods to survive
  • Jews of Lodz forcibly driven from their homes to the newly designated Lodz Ghetto
  • Giving bread to children in the Lodz Ghetto
  • Jews from the Lodz ghetto board trains for the death camp at Chelmno.
  • Jewish women in a lingerie factory
  • Deportations in and out of the Lodz Ghetto
  • Public execution of three Jews (November 1939)
  • Children from the Lodz Ghetto orphanage being sent to Chelmno extermination camp
  • A break for midday soup for Jewish slave laborers
  • A Jewish family of Lodz on their way to the Ghetto
  • Footbridge over Zgierska Street that joined the two parts of Lodz ghetto. The street itself was not part of the ghetto.
  • Deportation of Jewish children during the Gehsperre - the curfew action

Sources: Photos courtesy of Shoah - The Holocaust

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