Partisan Photos of the Kovno Ghetto


The following photos are from the collection of Nina Finkelstein Anshell, a survivor of the Kovno ghetto. Nina Finkelstein was a member of an illegal anti-fascist partisan organization, led by the writer Chaim Jelin. Prior to the liquidation of the Ghetto, members of the partisan group hid together in the ghetto, but were discovered by the Germans on July 13, 1944. While being led towards what the Germans said would be work, Nina Finkelstein and Gita Abramson Bereznitzky escaped from the Germans by running to the home of Mania Lishinzkene, a non-Jewish Lithuanian member of the partisan group who assisted them in hiding for the rest of the war.

Nina Finkelstein is on the left (1945)

Gita Abramson (L), Nina Finkelstein (M) and Ida Shater (1944)

Unidentified child in the Kovno ghetto (1943)

Nina Finkelstein in the Kovno ghetto (1943)

Unidentified man (1944)

Unidentified man (1944)

Partisan fighter Rachi 
(Jerachmiel) Berman (1944)

Nina Finkelstein (left) with friend (1945)


Source: Jo Ann Goldwater, Life of Nina Finkelstein: Recollections of a Friend