Dworzecki on the First Stage of the Extermination Process in Vilna: Kidnapping of Jews

The Gestapo men come in cars and stop in front of Jewish houses. They take out the males and order them to bring along a towel and soap. These people are ostensibly taken to work for several days, but they never return. Groups of Lithuanian and Polish youths wearing white armbands appear in the streets and snatch the Jews, whom they lead off to the police stations or prison. Some of them break into the houses and haul out the Jewish males. People call them hapunes [abductors] ... It was said that the price paid to the abductor for a kidnapped Jew was 10 rubles.

Source: Arad, Yitzhak, Ghetto in Flames, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem and Bnai Brith, 1980, p. 67.

Source: Yad Vashem