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Lithuanian Jews:
Photographs of Jews in Lithuania

Lithuania: Table of Contents | Synagogues | The Vilna Ghetto

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  • A child working at a machine in a Kovno Ghetto workshop
  • A young boy holding a baby girl in the Kovno Ghetto
  • Two young girls in the Kovno Ghetto wearing Stars of David that were fashioned out of wood by their uncle.
  • Group portrait of members of Irgun Brit Zion (ABZ) in the Kovno Ghetto.
  • Kuanas/Kovno, Lithuania. Jews inside the Ninth Fort, immediately after their arrival there and prior to their execution.
  • Kuanas/Kovno, Lithuania. The completely destroyed ghetto. In July 1944, the Germans blew up and burned down this ghetto in search of Jews in hiding there.
  • Wilno (Vilna)/Vilnius, Jews being marched to Ponary for immediate execution (drawing by Fajwel Segal). Ponary/Poneriai was the area of wooded hills on the outskirts of Wilno/Vilnius where in 1941-1944, 60,000 to 70,000 Jews were executed.
  • Kuanas/Kovno, Lithuania. The Ninth Fort, where tens of thousands (more than 40,000) Jews from Kovno and elsewhere in Europe were murdered between 1941 and 1944.
  • Ponary near Wilno (Vilna)/Vilnius, Lithuania, Jewish victims of execution before the mass burial
  • Interior view of a synagogue vandalized by Lithuanians during the June 25-26, 1941 pogrom in Kovno.
  • Wilno (Vilna)/Vilnius, Pland (now Lithuania), Ghetto, J Klaczko Street

Source: USHMM, Shoah - the Holocaust

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