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Majdanek: Table of Contents | An Overview | Photographs

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  • The label of a can with Zyklon gas, Majdanek
  • Barracks of Majdanek
  • View from the watchtower of the barracks in Majdanek
  • Wartime aerial photograph of Majdanek
  • The “street” between the barracks in Majdanek
  • Human bones lie in piles before the crematoria at Majdanek extermination camp.
  • A view of prisoners doing forced labor in Majdanek
  • The rear view of a gas chamber at Majdanek
  • Postwar Polish photo
  • Majdanek guard post at the entrace to Field III
  • Postwar Polish photo
  • The 200,000 shoes of people murdered in Majdanek (postwar Polish photo).
  • Warehouse full of Zyklon B canisters in Majdanek
  • Polish citizens inspect ovens at Majdanek
  • On the way to death
  • The shoes in this photo were confiscated from prisoners in Majdanek. The "Final Solution" produced over 2,000 freight carloads of stolen goods.
  • Prisoners doing forced labor in Majdanek
  • A pile of bones from the victims at Majdanek (postwar Polish photo).
  • Containers of Zyklon B and a gas mask found at Majdanek after liberation

Sources: Shoah - The Holocaust, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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