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The USS Liberty Incident:

USS Liberty: Table of Contents | History & Overview | Investigations

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  • Blast Area-Document Bags
  • Blast Area Clean-Up Operations
  • CDR and Staff Confer Post-attack
  • CDR McGonagle Inspects Bridge
  • CDR McGonagle Inspects Damage
  • CDR McGonagle Israeli Bullet
  • CDR McGonagle Reflects on Attack
  • CDR McGonagle Surveys Damage
  • Clean-up Operations of Blast Area
  • Damaged Machine Gun Mount
  • Damaged Signal Light on Bridge
  • Fire Damage Port Side Amidships
  • Maintenance Area Clean-up
  • Maintenance Blast Area
  • Pierside Malta2
  • Pierside Malta3
  • Portside Shock and Water Damage
  • Ships Bridge was Clobbered
  • Shock Damage Above Torpedo Hit
  • Spattered by Isreali Gunfire
  • Torpedo Hole from Drydock Floor1
  • Torpedo Hole from Drydock Floor2
  • Torpedo Hole from Drydock Floor3
  • TRSSCOM Antenna Little Damage
  • USS Liberty in Drydock
  • Main Blast Area
  • Pierside, Malta
  • Primary Blast Area

Sources: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division; Israel Daily Picture

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