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Israel Quiz

1. What year was the Balfour Declaration issued?


2. Who was the Balfour Declaration sent to?

David Ben-Gurion
Chaim Weizmann
Winston Churchill
Walter Rothschild

3. The Balfour Declaration appeared in a:

Speech by the British Prime Minister
UN Resolution
Papyrus found in Qumran

4. The Balfour Declaration calls for the creation of what?

a Jewish home in Palestine
the state of Israel
a Palestinian state
a mandate for Palestine

5. Zionism is:

Just another ism
A place in Israel
A sect of Orthodox Judaism
The nationalist movement of the Jewish people

6. Who can be a Zionist?

Only Jews

7. Who endorsed the Balfour Declaration?

The League of Nations
The U.S. Congress
President Warren Harding
All of the above

8. Who was the British Prime Minister when the Balfour Declaration was issued?

David Lloyd George
Winston Churchill
Margaret Thatcher
Neville Chamberlain

9. The Prime Minister of Israel at the time of the Balfour Declaration was:

David Ben-Gurion
Yitzhak Rabin
Golda Meir
Israel was not yet a state

10. The Balfour Declaration was incorporated in the:

UN partition resolution
Oslo Accords
British Mandate for Palestine
None of the above

11. Who wrote the Balfour Declaration?

Lord Balfour
Lord Rothschild
Winston Churchill
Leopold Amery

12. What country was created in Palestine by the British?


13. The first High Commissioner for Palestine was:

Herbert Louis Samuel
David Ben-Gurion
Haj Amin al-Husseini
None of the above

14. The Jewish community in Palestine at the time of Balfour was referred to as the:

Palestinian Authority

15. The Balfour Declaration is important because:

Lord Balfour was an influential British official
It led to international support for a Jewish home in Palestine
It upset the local Arabs
It recognized the nationalist ambitions of the Palestinians


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