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Middle East Policy

By Mitchell G. Bard

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Egypt top

“The only people in Egypt who are committed to peace are the people in Mubarak’s inner circle, and if the next president is not one of them, we are going to be in trouble.”

— Eli Shaked, former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt

"I remind you that the peace between Israel and Egypt has endured for over three decades and our goal is to ensure that these relations continue."

— Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister

“It is one of Egypt’s legitimate rights to place a barrier that prevents the harm from the tunnels under Rafah, which are used to smuggle drugs and other (contraband) that threaten Egypt’s stability. Those who oppose building this wall are violating the commands of Islamic Law.”

Islamic Research Council, Al-Azhar University in Egypt






Saudi Arabia top

"Saudi Arabia is active at every level of the terror chain, from planners to financiers, from cadre to foot soldier, from ideologist to cheerleader... Saudi Arabis supports our enemies and attacks our allies."

— Laurent Murawiec, RAND Corporation

“If I could somehow snap my fingers and cut off the funding [to terrorists] from one country, it would be Saudi Arabia.”

Stuart Levey, Under Secretary for Terrorist and Financial Intelligence within the Department of the Treasury

“Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.”

US State Department Cable, WikiLeaks





United States top

"Barack Obama will be remembered as the president who 'lost' Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt, and during whose tenure America's alliances in the Middle East crumbled."

— Aluf Benn, Haaretz Chief Diplomatic Correspondant

"I think it's absolutely clear to say, number one, that its been American policy for many years that settlements were illegitimate and it is the continuing goal and highest priority of the Obama administration to keep working toward a two-state solution with both Israelis and Palestinians."

— Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State

“Today, the Palestinian people live in economic stagnation, made worse by official corruption. A Palestinian state will require a vibrant economy, where honest enterprise is encouraged by honest government....If Palestinians embrace democracy, confront corruption and firmly reject terror, they can count on American support for the creation of a provisional state of Palestine.”

-- George W. Bush, US President

“The US will not have diplomatic relations [with Hamas]...We do not believe that a democratic state can be built when parties or candidates seek power not through the ballot box but through terrorist activity."

-- Frederick L. Jones II, US National Security Council Spokesperson





General Quotes top


“There is something amusing about Arab expressions of support for the Palestinians. The Arabs are so hypocritical. ‘I love Palestinians...’ Then comes the subscript: ‘But not in my neighborhood...and they’d better not ask for citizenship or work papers, or try to get out of their camps.’ Hell will freeze over first.”

— Ambassador Hume Horan (2000)



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