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Israeli Law Enforcement

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In common with police forces around the world, the task of Israel's police is to maintain the quality of life by fighting crime, assisting the authorities in carrying out the law and enforcing traffic regulations, as well as providing guidance on preventive measures for the safety and protection of the population.

The police's principal mobile task force, the Border Guard, deals mainly with internal security problems and includes a special anti-terrorist unit. The frequency and threat of terrorist incidents led concerned citizens to request active participation in the protection of their communities. Thus, a volunteer civil guard was established (1974) to maintain neighborhood security units, including command centers, armed patrols and training programs.

In response to violent protests in East Jerusalem following Operation Protective Edge, the Israeli police force announced on October 21 2014 that a special unit was being formed specifically to deal with protests and civil unrest in Jerusalem.  The unit will be tasked with tackling the vandalism and riots that occured in Jerusalem during 2014, which left 40% of Israel's light-rail trains damaged as well as the Temple Mount. 

Sources: Israeli Foreign Ministry, Times of Israel

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