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Israel Defense Forces:
Humanitarian Operations

IDF: Table of Contents | History & Overview | Wars & Operations

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Balkans Floods (2014)


Gaza Strip (2010-Present)

IDF in Bosnia & Serbia After exterme flooding hit Serbia and Bosnia in May 2014, leaving two dozen people dead and thousands homeless, Israel sent humanitarian relief aid in the form of medicine, food, blankets and rain gear.

IDF gaza

Though ruled by Hamas, a terror organization committed to Israel's destruction, Israel delivers humanitarian aid, food, medical supplies and building materials to Gaza residents on a daily basis.

Philippines Typhoons (2013 & 2009)

Turkey Earthquake (2011)

IDF in Haiti

Typhoons in the Philippines have claimed thousands of lives. In 2009 and 2013, Israel dispatched humanitarian aid, search & rescue squads and medical teams to aid in both relief operations.

IDF in Turkey

An October 2011 earthquake in Turkey killed at least 400 people and left thousands homeless. Israel sent mobile homes & medical equipment for survivors at the request of the Turkish government.

Japan Tsunami (2011)

Burkina Faso Floods (2009)

When a March 2011 earthquake & tsunami devastated Japan, Israel sent aid including a delegation of medical personnel & equipment. They also opened an advanced medical clinic for surgery.

IDF in Turkey

In the wake of massive flooding that left hundreds of thousands homeless, Israel sent shipments of tents, blankets, medicines and baby food. These efforts were coordinated by MASHAV.

Haiti Earthquake (2010)

Hurrican Katrina (2005)

IDF in Haiti

Following an earthquake that nearly destroyed Haiti's capital, Israel sent multiple medical & rescue teams to assist in operations. The IDF also established the first field hospital in Port-au-Prince.


Israel took an active role in supporting the victims of Hurrican Katrina, a devastating storm that caused major flooding and destroyed many cities and towns in the southeastern United States.

Kosovo War Refugees (1999)

Kenya Terrorism (1998)

IDF medical mission established a field hospital and an emergency room to assist Albanian refugees fleeing from war-torn Kosovo into Macedonia. Emergency supplies were also sent by Israel to help refugees.

IDF kenya mall

Nearly 200 members of the elite Israeli search & rescue unit were the first international team to arrive on the scene of the US embassy bombing in Nairobi. The mission succeeded in saving numerous lives.

Central America Floods (1998)

Humanitarian Operations (1985-97)

Israel dispatched a team of Spanish-speaking doctors and nurses to Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala in the aftermath of severe flooding in those areas caused by Hurricane Mitch.

IDF hum aid

An overview of Israeli humanitarian operations throughout the world, including assistance to Mexico, Armenia, Argentina, Rwanda and Turkey when each of those countries were in need of help.

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