Synagogues of the World


A painting of an Ashkenazi synagogue in Amsterdam.

A drawing of the “Snoga” Sephardi synagogue.

A WWII memorial stands in front of the Amsterdam Ashkenazi Synagogue.

The Sephardic Synagogue in Amsterdam was dedicated in 1675 and accommodated 2,000 worshipers. The synagogue was designed by Elias Bouman. The Synagogue was vandalized during World War II, but was restored after the war. Today, the synagogue is seldom used due to the physical condition and expense of heating.

Postcard depicts Emanuel De Witte’s (1617-1692) painting of the interior of the Sephardic Synagogue in Amsterdam.

The Hoog-Duitsche Synagogue in Amsterdam

View of the sanctuary of the Liberale Gemeente [reform] synagogue in Amsterdam

Nieuwe Synagogue in Enschede. The synagogue was designed by K.P.C. deBazel; it was dedicated in 1928.

Synagogue in Nijmegen, which was constructed in 1912-13 and destroyed by the Nazis.

Jews attend the dedication of the Liberale Gemeente [reform] synagogue in Amsterdam.

The Synagogue in Middelburg, founded in 1705, was the first synagogue built outside of Amsterdam. It was restored in 1994 after being destroyed during World War II.

The interior of the restored Synagogue in Middelburg.

Portuguese Synagogue, Amsterdam


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Sephardic synagogue of Amsterdam, Hoog Synagogue, Nieuwe Synagogue, Nijmegen Synagogue courtesy of Judaica Philatelic Resources
Liberale Gemeente photo from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Photos of Middelburg Synagogue courtesy of the “Stichting Synagoge Middelburg” (Middelburg Synagogue Foundation)
Portuguese Synagogue photo courtesy of HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library (© Jono David Media)