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Synagogues of the World:

World Synagogues: Table of Contents | United States | Argentina

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Jebenhausen Synagogue, built in 1804, closed in 1900 and was torn down in 1905.

Torah curtain donated for the Jebenhausen Synagogue in 1804.

The Tables of the Covenant which adorned the Torah shrine in the Jebenhausen Synagogue are preserved in the city museum of Goeppingen.

The Oranienbergerstrasse Synagogue in Berlin was the largest synagogue in the world when completed in 1866. It was destroyed on Kristallnacht in 1938. Recently renovated, its main sanctuary now houses a museum of Jewish history.

Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue

Rykestrasse Synagogue

Kottbusser Ufer Synagogue

Oranienbergerstrasse Synagogue

Friedenstempel Markgraf-Albrecht-Strasse Synagogue

Levetzowstrasse Synagogue

Kottbusser Ufer Synagogue

Muenchenerstrasse Synagogue


Ohel Jakob Synagogue, Jewish Center and Jewish Museum in the center of Munich. Building of this shul was completed in 2006 and it sits close to the site of Munich's old synagogue which was destroyed under personal order from Hitler during Kristallnact in 1938.


A rendering of the “New Synagogue"

The Judengasse Synagogue in Frankfurt’s Jewish ghetto, around 1880

Synagogue in Frankfurt











Synagogue in Siegen
Synagogue in Siegen being burned during World War II



Synagogue in Worms
Levy’sche Synagogue in Worms

Smaller Cities

Synagogue in Hildesheim
Synagogue in Nuremberg
Synagogue in Aachen

Synagogue in Cologne
Synagogue in Horde
Synagogue in Dessau

Synagogue in Bamberg
Synagogue in Wiesbaden
Synagogue in Kaiserlatern

Synagogue in Euskirchen
Synagogue in Detmold
Synagogue in Bielefeld

Synagogue in Thionville
Synagogue in Bonn
Synagogue in Landau

Synagogue in Goppingen
Synagogue in Dortmund
Synagogue in Bruchsal

Synagogue in Luneburg
Synagogue in Gross Gerau
Synagogue in Paderborn

Synagogue in Mainz
Synagogue in Pforzheim
Synagogue in Mulheim

Synagogue in Heibronn
Synagogue in Chemnitz
Synagogue in Rastenburg

Synagogue in Elsdorf
Synagogue in Delmenhorst
Synagogue in Aschaffenburg

Synagogue in Bechhofen
Synagogue in Buttenwiesen

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