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Synagogues of the World:

World Synagogues: Table of Contents | Australia | United States

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  • Grand Synagogue, Paris
  • Grand Synagogue, Paris
  • Rue de la Victoire Synagogue, Paris
  • Rabbi Judah Nadich, chief Jewish chaplain for the American army in Europe, at the rue de la Victoire synagogue in Paris (September 7, 1944)
  • Synagogue of Belfort - 1908
  • Synagogue in Verdun
  • Thionville Synagogue. Burned down by the Nazis but rebuilt in 1957.
  • Quai Kleber Synagogue in Strasbourg. Postcard dated 1898
  • Quai Kleber Synagogue in Strasbourg. Postcard dated 1916.
  • Synagogue in Selestat erected in 1890. It was rebuilt after World War II.
  • Synagogue on l'Avenue Philippoteaux in Sedan
  • Synagogue in Saint Etienne (built in 1880)
  • Lille Synagogue was erected in 1874.
  • Synagogue in Epinal
  • The Dijon Synagogue was dedicated in 1879. During the Nazi occupation, it was used as a warehouse.
  • Synagogue in Chalons-Sur-Marne
  • The interior of the synagogue in Carpentras. Dating from 1367, it was most recently restored in 1959.
  • The Biarritz Synagogue was built in 1904 and is still in use
  • The Besancon Synagogue was consecrated in 1869 and is still in use.
  • Reims Synagogue was consecrated in 1879.
  • Rue De Gustave Deloye Synagogue, Nice
  • Interior of Rue De Gustave Deloye Synagogue, Nice
  • Synagogue des Tournelles, Paris

Sources: Grand synagogue photo courtesy of Leo Emanuel. First Guimard Synagogue from Paris Art Nouveau. Second Guimard Synagogue photo courtesy of Norman Barth and The Paris Pages. Postcards courtesy of Judaica Philatelic Resources
Rue de la Victoire Synagogue - USHMM
Rue De Gustave Deloye Synagogue; Agoudas Hakehilos; and Synagogue des Tournelles photos courtesy of HaChayim HaYehudim Jewish Photo Library (© Jono David Media)

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