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Myths & Facts

By: Mitchell G. Bard

Chapter 15: The Peace Process

- “Anwar Sadat deserves all of the credit for the Egyptian--Israeli peace treaty.”
- “Solving the Palestinian question will bring peace to the Middle East.”
- “A Palestinian state will pose no danger to Israel.”
- “Jews will be welcome in a future Palestinian state.”
- “If Israel ends the occupation, there will be peace.”
- “The Palestinians have never been offered a state of their own.”
- “Barak’s proposals did not offer the Palestinians a viable state.”
- “The Palestinians are being asked to accept only 22 percent of Palestine.”
- “Israel should be replaced by a binational state.”
- “The Palestinian education system promotes peace with Israel.”
- “Palestinians no longer object to the creation of Israel.”
- “The Palestinians have given up their dream of destroying Israel.”
- “Palestinians are justified in using violence to achieve their national aspirations.”
- “Palestinians never fabricate stories about Israeli atrocities.”
- “Israel’s refusal to withdraw from the Golan Heights prevents peace with Syria.”
- “Israel’s occupation of Lebanese territory is the only impediment to the conclusion of a peace treaty with Lebanon.”
- “Israel’s refusal to share water with its neighbors could provoke the next war.”
- “The Arab peace initiative reflects Arab acceptance of Israel and the best hope for peace.”
- “Palestinians would prefer to live in a Palestinian state.”
- “Mahmoud Abbas is a moderate politician interested in compromise.”
- “Palestinians are driven to terror by poverty and desperation.”
- “Israel must negotiate with Hamas.”
- “The Palestinian Authority believes in a secular Palestinian state.”
- “Netanyahu backtracked on Rabin’s positions regarding peace with the Palestinians.”
- “The Palestinians’ top priority is peace with Israel.”
- “The Palestinians have recognized Israel as the state of the Jewish people.”