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Franklin Roosevelt Administration:
White House Announces Death of President Roosevelt

(April 12, 1945)

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WASHINGTON, April 12-The White House announced late today that President Roosevelt had died of cerebral hemorrhage.

The death occurred this afternoon at Warm Springs, Ga. A White House statement said:

"Vice President Truman has been notified. He was called to the White House and informed by Mrs. Roosevelt. The Secretary of State has been advised. A Cabinet meeting has been called.

"The four Roosevelt boys in the service have been sent a message by their mother, which said that the President slept away this afternoon. He did his job to the end, as he would want to do.

" 'Bless you all and all our love,' added Mrs. Roosevelt. She signed the message Mother.

"Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon in the East Room of the White House. Interment will be at Hyde Park Sunday afternoon. No detailed arrangements or exact times have been decided upon as yet."

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