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Chapter 14: U.S. Middle East Policy

- “The creation of Israel resulted solely from U.S. pressure.”
- “The United States favored Israel over the Arabs in 1948 because of the Jewish lobby.”
- “The United States and Israel have nothing in common.”
- “Most Americans oppose a close U.S. relationship with Israel.”
- “U.S. policy has always been hostile toward the Arabs.”
- “The United States always supports Israel.”
- “The U.S. has always ensured Israel would have a qualitative military edge over the Arabs.”
- “U.S. aid to the Middle East has always been one--sided in favor of Israel.”
- “Israel doesn’t need U.S. military assistance.”
- “U.S. aid subsidizes Israeli defense contractors at the expense of American industry.”
- “Israel has no strategic value to the United States.”
- “The attacks on 9/11 were a consequence of U.S. support for Israel.”
- “The United States has the formula to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”


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