YAKNEHAZ (Heb. יַקְנְהַ״ז), abbreviation composed of the initials of the Hebrew words; יַיִן yayin ("wine"), קִדּוּשׁ *Kiddush ("sanctification"), נֵר ner ("light"), הַבְדָּלָה *Havdalah ("separation"), and זְמַן zeman ("time," meaning blessing of the time, i.e., She-Heḥeyanu). The word served as a mnemotechnic aid for the correct sequence of the benedictions of the Kiddush on the eve of a festival which coincides with the conclusion of a Sabbath. The abbreviation originates in the Talmud (Pes. 102b–103a), and sounds similar to the German phrase "jag den Has" ("hunt the hare"). Hence also the hare-hunting scenes in many illustrated Passover Haggadot (e.g., Haggadah of Mantua, 1561).

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