RESSLER, BENJAMIN (1901–1983), novelist and journalist. Born in Galicia, Ressler visited Ereẓ Israel and many European countries in the 1920s and settled in the United States in 1930.

He contributed Yiddish articles to Der Tog and The Day-Jewish Morning Journal, and essays and stories to the periodical press in Hebrew. His Yiddish works include a volume of poetry, Ershte Gezangen (1922); three novels, Oyf Alter Erd (1927); Nokhn Geretenish (1929); and Der Veg tsu Yisroel (1950); and several plays. His one novel in Hebrew, Naḥalat Ẓevi (1958), evokes the tragic era of Polish Jewry before the Holocaust.


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[Eisig Silberschlag]

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