RAHV, PHILIP (1908–1973), U.S. editor and critic. Born in Russia and named Ivan Greenberg, Rahv (literally, teacher) came to the United States after living in Palestine. One of the founders of the Partisan Review, Rahv helped to turn the magazine into an anti-Stalinist organ. He was also known for his helping other writers find their audience. His later magazine was called Modern Occasions. His critical works include Image and Idea (1949), Literature in America (1957), and Myth and the Powerhouse (1965). His Literature and the Sixth Sense was published in 1969. Of note is his Essays on Literature and Politics, 19321972, edited by Arabel Porter and Andrew Dvosin (1978). He also edited anthologies of U.S., British, and Russian fiction. During the 1940s Rahv did much to revive interest in the works of Henry James.

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