PROPPER, DAN (1941– ), Israeli Industrialist, CEO of Israeli food giant Osem International Ltd., founded by his father in 1942. Propper and his brother GAD (1944– ) hold 13% of Osem stock, with Nestlé the majority shareholder. The group produces more than 1,000 different food products in ten plants located throughout Israel. Exports went primarily to Europe. Net sales in 2004 reached nearly NIS 2.5 billion ($550 million).

Propper studied food engineering and worked for a few years in the industry in England. He joined the firm in the age of 26, starting off in product development and becoming director-general at the age of 37. During the 1990s he served as president of the Israel Manufacturers Association, establishing himself as a highly visible spokesman for Israeli industry. In 2006 he announced that he was stepping down as Osem CEO while remaining chairman of the board.

[Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]

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