OTTOLENGO, SAMUEL DAVID BEN JEHIEL (d. 1718), Italian rabbi, kabbalist, and poet. Samuel was born in Casale Monferrato and studied under Moses *Zacuto and Benjamin Cohen. He served as chief rabbi of Padua and later of Venice.

His published works are Kiryati Ne'emanah (Venice, 1715?), a digest of Ma'avar Yabbok of Aaron Berechiah of Modena; and Me'il Shemu'el (ibid., 1705), an abridgement and index to the Shenei Luḥot ha-Berit of Isaiah *Horowitz. He also wrote a supplement to the Tikkun Shovavim (the initial letters of the first six weekly portions of the Book of Exodus) of Moses Zacuto that was published (ibid., 1708) with the text. He founded a "Malbish Arumim" Society to assist the needy during those six weeks. Responsa, novellae, piyyutim, and kabbalistic articles by Ottolengo have remained in manuscript.


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