NUSINOV, ISAAC (Yitzhak; 1889–1952), Russian literary critic and historian. Born in Chernikhov, Volhynia, he studied at universities in Switzerland and Italy, returning in 1917 to Russia, where he became active in cultural life. From 1925 he taught literature at the University of Moscow and at the Yiddish department of the Western University, Moscow, and participated in the work of the Institute for Jewish Proletarian Culture of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev. Nusinov published many studies, essays, and papers in Yiddish journals; he also contributed to the Bolshaya Sovetskaya Entsiklopediya ("Great Soviet Encyclopedia") and to the Literaturnaya Entsiklopediya ("Literary Encyclopedia"). His books include Teories (1926), articles of literary criticism; Problemen fun der Proletarisher Literatur (1932); and A History of Yiddish Literature, scheduled for publication in 1927 but never published, though the manuscript was completed. Nusinov was arrested in 1948 and executed in August 1952.


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[Elias Schulman]

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