MICHALI, BINYAMIN YIẒḤAK (1910–1989), Hebrew writer, literary critic, and editor. Born in Bessarabia, Michali lived in Bucharest from 1933 to 1939, where he was active in Zionist circles. He went to Ereẓ Israel in 1939 and joined the staff of the *Histadrut archives. He was a leading member of the Israel Writers' Association for many years and one of the chief editors of its journal, Moznayim. His first articles in Yiddish as well as Hebrew appeared in the Labor Zionist press. He published several books on modern Hebrew writers dealing in particular with the younger schools (Olamam shel Benei ha-Areẓ, 1951, and Peri ha-Areẓ, 1966, and Ḥayyim Hazaz, Iyyunim bi-Yẓirato, 1968) and edited several anthologies and journals of contemporary Hebrew literature. Other works include Ya'akov Fichman (1952), a study of the Yiddish poet Avraham Suzkever (1989), and a collection of literary essays Mishbeẓot Bikkoret (1981).


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[Getzel Kressel]

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