MAYKAPAR, SAMUIL MOYSEYEVICH (1867–1938), pianist, composer, teacher, and writer. Born in Kherson, Ukraine, Maykapar graduated from the Law School of St. Petersburg University (1890) and from the St. Petersburg Conservatory as a pianist in 1893. From 1894 to 1896 he continued his studies with Leshetitzky in Vienna. The period 1898–1910 was divided between Moscow (1898–1901), Tver (where he founded a music school, 1901–03), and Germany (1903–10). From 1910 to 1930 he taught in the St. Petersburg Conservatory (from 1917 as a professor). Maykapar often worked as a concert pianist, in ensembles with Auer and Grzhimali. His short piano pieces for children remain popular, especially Biryulki ("Spillikins"), Bagatelles, and The Marionette Theater. He also composed chamber music and a sonatina for violin and piano. His writings include Muzykal'nyi slukh: ego znachenie, priroda, osobennosti i metod pravil'nogo razvitia ("The Musical Ear: Its Significance, Nature, Peculiarities and a Method of Proper Development," 1890, 19152); a study on Beethoven (1927), an autobiography, The Years of Study (1938), and other works.


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[Marina Rizarev (2nd ed.)]

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