LEMBERGER, MOSES BEN AARON (1706–1757), rabbi. At the age of eight, Moses left his home in Lvov to be brought up by his grandfather in *Mikulov (Nikolsburg). In 1724 he was appointed rabbi of *Lipnik (Leipnik, Moravia) and in 1729 was appointed to succeed Jehiel Michael Ḥasid as av bet din of Berlin. He stayed there for one year, accepting a call in 1730 to the position of av bet din of Frankfurt on the Oder, a position he held for about 14 years. He returned to Lipnik as av bet din in 1745. In 1755 on the death of his uncle Issachar Berush *Eskeles, Moses was elected Landesrabbiner of Moravia. Moses' novellae on the tractate Rosh ha-Shanah were published in Frankfurt on the Oder in 1731.


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