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Claude Lelouch

(1937 - )

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LELOUCH, CLAUDE (1937– ), French film director. Born in Paris, Lelouch and his mother moved through Europe during World War II to evade the Nazis but were captured toward the end of the war and spent three months in Dachau. He made a short film at 14, and four years later a television film in the United States. In 1960 he made his first feature film, but Un homme et une femme ("A Man and a Woman"), winner of a 1966 Cannes Film Festival prize, put him in the front ranks of French cinema. He made Vivre pour Vivre (1967), La Vie, l'Amour, la Mort (1969), Le Voyou (1970), Un Autre Homme une Autre Chance/Another Man Another Chance (1977), Un Homme et une Femme: Vingt Ans Deja/A Man and A Woman: 20 Years Later (1986), and Les Miserables (1995). Later films include Les Parisiens (2004), Men and Women (2005), and The Courage to Love (2005).

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