KATZENELLENBOGEN, DAVID TEVEL (1850–1930), rabbi and talmudic scholar in Russia. Born in Taurage, Lithuania, he was appointed rabbi in Virbalis, Lithuania, in 1876, serving there until 1908, when he became rabbi of St. Petersburg, where he remained until his death. He gained the respect of the czarist authorities and was able to have the ban on sheḥitah in force in Finland canceled. In 1915 he headed the religious committee for the supply of kasher food to the Jewish soldiers in the Russian army. On his initiative a fund was established in the U.S. for the support of Russian refugees. Katzenellenbogen, whose notes to the Jerusalem Talmud first appeared in the Krotoschin edition of 1871, was the author of Ma'yan Mei Nefto'aḥ (1923) and Divrei David (1927).


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