KABRITHA, a village in the territory of Ptolemais (Acre). In the talmudic lists describing the area held by those who returned from Babylonian exile, it is located on the border between the "wall of Acre" to the north and the "spring of Ga'aton" to the south (Sif. 51; Tosef. Shev. 4:11; TJ, Shev. 6:1, 36c, et al.). Some scholars have looked for it at Khirbat Qabārṣa to the south of Nahariyyah and near the outlet of Naḥal Ga'aton, but as this position is too close to the sea and is also west of the coastal road which marked the theoretical boundary of the Holy Land, the identification with *Kabri to the northwest of Nahariyyah is preferable.


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[Michael Avi-Yonah]

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