JUSTMAN, JOSEPH (1909– ), U.S. educator. Justman, who was born in Warsaw, taught at Brooklyn College from 1934, was appointed professor of education in 1950, and director of teacher education and chairman of the department in 1960. Upon his retirement, he became professor emeritus of education at Brooklyn College.

Justman spent 1956–57 in Italy, preparing The Italian People and Their Schools (1958). He subsequently returned several times to Rome, Florence, and Padua as visiting lecturer. His books include Theories of Secondary Education in the United States (1940), College Teaching: Its Practice and Potential (1956), Evaluation in Modern Education (1956), Improving Instruction with Supervision (with T. Briggs, 1960), and The Effects of Ability Grouping (with Miriam L. Goldberg, 1966). His work was mainly concerned with giving the college teacher a deeper understanding of his profession through an evaluation of educational principles, practices, and their effects on curriculum and organization.

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