JEDUTHUN (יְדוּתוּן ,יְדִיתוּן), head of a family of singers, whom David singled out from among the levites (I Chron. 25:1). His song was considered the expression of prophetic inspiration: "Jeduthun with the harp, who prophesied in giving thanks and praising the Lord" (I Chron. 25:3; cf. 6:41). He was also known as "the king's seer" (II Chron. 35:15). I Chronicles 16:42 points out that part of the family was "at the gate" of the Temple and refers to the fact that levites acted both as singers and gatekeepers. The name Ethan replaces that of Jeduthun in I Chronicles 15:17; according to one view, Jeduthun and Ethan were one person. Japhet (442–43) attributes the change of name to the homiletic purposes of the Chronicler. The link and relation between Jeduthun and the term Jeduthun in Psalms 39:1; 62:1; 77:1 is obscure.


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[Samuel Ephraim Loewenstamm]

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