JAVETZ, BARZILLAI BEN BARUCH (d. 1760), Turkish rabbi and talmudist. Barzillai served as the av bet din in Smyrna, where he gave rabbinic discourses in the Maḥazikei Torah Synagogue, taught in his private yeshivah, and preached in the Talmud Torah synagogue. He influenced the wealthy Joshua *Soncino to build a synagogue in his name in Smyrna and delivered a eulogy on the rabbis of Smyrna who lost their lives in the fire of 1730. Barzillai published Leshon Limmudim (Smyrna, 1755), on the Turim and Leshon Arumim (ibid., 1749), containing homilies, annotations on Elijah Mizraḥi's supercommentary to *Rashi, comments on Maimonides, and homilies by his father.


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