GANNEI TIKVAH (Heb. גַנֵּי תִּקְוָה), town in central Israel. In 1949 a settlement called Shikkun ha-Yovel was set up by the Jewish Agency on the outskirts of *Petaḥ Tikvah. The new settlement absorbed immigrants from Romania, Poland, Yemen, and Morocco and was only connected to the water system in 1950 and to the electricity grid in 1952. In 1954 its name was changed to Gannei Tikvah and it received municipal status. In 2002 its population was 11,500, with a land area of 0.75 sq. mi. (1.9 sq. km.). The town has many green areas, where sculptures of well-known artists are on display, and in 2002 Merkaz ha-Bamah, a culture center, was opened. The center has a theater group which performs original plays as well as the standard repertoire.


[Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]

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