DELOUYA (de Loya), family of Spanish origin, which settled in *Marrakesh, south *Morocco. From this town, JAKI (ISAAC) DELOUYA (c. 1572) carried on trade relations with English merchants, to whom he was of great service. His descendants were especially distinguished as rabbis. Some of the writings of MEIR (c. 1625) were published in the works of Moroccan rabbis. ISAAC (d. 1711) was av bet din of Marrakesh from about 1680, heading a yeshivah which included among its pupils the talmudist Solomon Amar and the kabbalist Abraham Azulai. During the upheavals caused by the pretenders to the throne, he and his family were denounced to the sultan, Isaac was imprisoned for some time, and his two brothers, JUDAH and MOSES, died as a result (1701). MORDECAI BEN ISAAC, his son JACOB, and his grandson MEIR (c. 1780) were also scholars.


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[David Corcos]

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