BUSTENAI (Heb. בּוְּסְתְּנָאי; "Owner of Orchard"), a Hebrew weekly of the *Farmers' Union and the *General Zionists, published in Palestine (1929–39). The journal supported the views of Chaim Weizmann, advocated Arab-Jewish cooperation, and the employment of Arabs by Jews under certain circumstances. This last point was a perpetual matter of controversy between the paper and the labor circles which demanded that the Jewish economy, especially agriculture, employ Jewish labor exclusively. The editors were Moshe *Smilansky, T.Z. Miller, who edited the agricultural column and coined many Hebrew agricultural technical terms, S. Perlman, and the journalist P. Ginsburg (1894–1947). Bustenai also published a magazine for youth, Bustenai la-No'ar (1935–37), and the monthly (later bi-monthly) Mi-Yamim Rishonim (1934–35), which published material on the history of the yishuv and the new agricultural settlements in Palestine.

[Getzel Kressel]

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