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Encyclopedia Judaica:
Ahdut Ha-Avodah

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AḤDUT HA-AVODAH, the name of several publications issued by the different labor movements in Ereẓ Israel at various times. (1) The first such periodical was published in 1919, a few months prior to the formation of the Aḥdut ha-Avodah Party, under the editorship of B. *Katznelson . It dealt with the ideology of the new party, labor questions, and contemporary problems of the yishuv. (2) After the Aḥdut ha-Avodah Party merged with Ha-Po'el ha-Ẓa'ir in 1930 to form *Mapai , an anthology was published under the title Aḥdut ha-Avodah (2 vols., 1929–32). It contained articles on all aspects of Jewish life in Ereẓ Israel and in the Diaspora – political, economic, and social – by different leaders of the Aḥdut ha-Avodah Party. The editors were B. Katznelson, Shaul Avigur , and Mordecai Senir. (3) A new social literary monthly, Aḥdut ha-Avodah, was established in 1930 and edited by C. *Arlosoroff . It continued until 1932. (4) A number of works, collections of articles, published by Mapai appeared under the same name between 1943 and 1946. (5) When Aḥdut ha-Avodah left Mapai to form a separate party in 1944, it published the weekly Ha-Tenu'ah le-Aḥdut ha-Avodah (abbreviated to Le-Aḥdut ha-Avodah). It ceased to exist on Jan. 22, 1946, when Aḥdut ha-Avodah merged with Ha-Shomer ha-Ẓa'ir to form Mifleget ha-Po'alim ha-Me'uḥedet ( *Mapam ).

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