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Israel Studies An Anthology:
Table of Contents

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Preface  - - - Contributors

PART I: History

The History of Zionism [pdf]
    Moshe Maor

Yishuv: Jewish Community in Mandate Palestine [pdf]
   Aviva Halamish

The Partition of Palestine [pdf]
   Aharon Klieman

Israel and the Holocaust [pdf]
   Shlomo Aronson

The Israeli-Arab War of 1948 [pdf]
   Yoav Gelber

Jewish Settlement in the Land of Israel/Palestine [pdf]
   Ilan Troen

Anti-Zionism & Anti-Semitism in 21st Century [pdf]
   Robert S. Wistrich

PART II: Society and Culture

Religion in Israel [pdf]
   Ilan Fuchs

Israeli Culture [pdf]
   Dalia Liran-Alper

Women in Israel [pdf]
   Anat Maor

Multicultural Realities [pdf]
   Guy Ben-Porat

Israel and its Arab Minority [pdf]
   Yitzhak Reiter

Art in Israel [pdf]
   Alec Mishory

Israel’s Economy 1986-2008 [pdf]
   Rafi Melnick and Yosef Mealem

Media in Israel [pdf]
   Michael Widlanski

History of Hebrew Literature in Israel [pdf]
   Michal Ben-Horin

Patterns of Immigration and Absorption [pdf]
   Aviva Zeltzer-Zubida; Hani Zubida

PART III: Israeli Democracy

Israel's Partial Constitution: The Basic Laws [pdf]
   Amnon Rubinstein  

Values of Israel as a Jewish & Democratic State [pdf]
   Aharon Barak

Human Rights & the Supreme Court in Israel [pdf]
   Doron Shultziner

National Government Institutions [pdf]
   David Nachmias

PART IV: Wars and the Peace Process

Impact of Palestinian Nationalism on Israel [pdf]
   Raphael Israeli

The Sinai War and Suez Crisis, 1956-7 [pdf]
   Motti Golani

The 1967 Six-Day War [pdf]
   David Tal

The 1973 Yom Kippur War [pdf]
   Uri Bar-Joseph

Israel’s War on Terrorism [pdf]
   Arie Perliger

The Peace Process [pdf]
   Galia Golan

The Evolution of Israeli Military Strategy [pdf]
   Gerald M. Steinberg

PART V: International Relations

The United States and Israel:1948-2008 [pdf]
   Avraham Ben-Zvi

Israel & Arab World: Conflict to Coexistence [pdf]
   Alexander Bligh

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