Kamal Al-Shirafi

(1955- )

Born in 1955, Hiribya. Married with four children.

Cabinet Position

Minister of Health

Minister Responsibilities


• Detect and monitor conditions contributing to morbidity and mortality.
• Support epidemiological surveillance system.
• Provide necessary data for development and evaluation of prevention control measures, and research strategies.
• Identify and create sources of community data to be used in measuring progress of its health status
• Ensure that organizations follow standardized procedures for collecting health data.
• Establishing a satellite-based computer network to provide a national health management information system linking all districts of the Gaza Strip & West Bank.


o At a regional level, two central units will be developed so as to collate data from both Gaza Strip and West Bank district units; one of these regional central units already exists. (Governmental Computer Center, Gaza). A process of establishment the other regional central unit in the west Bank is underway.
o At a district level, each district unit will be provided with a computer network that connects it to the relevant regional central unit on one hand, and to the health institutions (hospitals/or clinics) on the other.
o At the institution level, each institution will be provided with equipment (according to the size of work) enabling them to be networked to their district unit.


Diploma in Teaching, Ramallah Teacher's College
Medical degree and certified surgeon, University of Bulgaria


Shirafi was a prominent member of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). In 1996, he was elected as an Independent, to the Palestine Legislative Council representing Jabalya, Gaza. In 1998, he became a member of the PLC Legislative Council, and the Chairman of the Overseeing Committee of the Legislative Council. He briefly served as Chairman of the Committee on Human Rights and Public Freedoms. In April 2003, he was appointed Minister of Health in the Palestinian Authority.


Shirafi has a varied background of contrasting positions. He has been a Chairman of the Human Rights and Public Freedoms committee, yet it's been reported that Shirafi was an observer to capitol punishment executions in Jabalya.

Shirafi was elected as an independent to the PLC, yet he appears to have a bias that leans far left. Mr. Shirafi has called upon Arafat to halt the arrests of opposition leaders, and has requested the lifting of the house arrest imposed upon Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, the spiritual leader of Hamas.

Even stranger for a former physician and surgeon, Shirafi has been quoted as saying that "all options are open" under occupation. This language may be interpreted as an endorsement of suicide bombings against Israeli civilians.

He's been imprisoned in Israel on numerous occasions.

Mr. Shirafi is a member of Al-Mezan Center, a Palestinian Human Rights organization that uses inflammatory language and graphic pictures that many feel incites hatred against Israel.

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