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Kadya Molodovsky

(1894 - 1974)

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Born in Russia, Molodovsky was taught to read Yiddish, Hebrew and Russian at a young age.  She taught Hebrew in Warsaw and other cities while she experimented with her own writing.  Her first book of poetry, Kheshvendike Nekht (Nights of Heshvan, 1927), explored womens role in Judaism in East Europe and received excellent reviews.  Her next books of poetry deal with poverty of her students' lives.  In 1935, Molodovsky immigrated to the United States and settled with her husband in New York City. there, she wrote children's poetry as well as a series of columns on Jewish women for the Foverts. From 1948 to 1952, she and her husband lived in Tel Aviv, where she wrote about life in Israel. To the end of her writing career, she focused on Jewish history and Zionism.

Sources: Jewish Women's Archive

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